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'Cause It's So Damn Obvious


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davidpierre, hott_baguettes, pierredavid

This is a community dedicated to the obvious love shared between bassist David Desrosiers and vocalist Pierre Bouvier.

This is a slash fiction community. If this offends anyone in any way, we advise that you click the 'back' button on your browser right now.

We are in no way affiliated or involved with Simple Plan or any of the band members. Any stories or tales found in this community are just that - stories: it's all fiction. We don't make any money out of anything found here - we do it for fun and don't mean any harm.

The community moderator is Sarri (dierre101). Any questions or issues can be raised with her.

Community betas are as follows: Nikki (rottenharlot), Tabby (weareinnocent), Vicky (yrclndstnlvr), and Vamp (alovelyvampire) - in order to contact a beta and to find out more, please visit this page.

You can also find us on Twitter for quick updates :)

We want this to be a community where everyone can have fun and share the pxd love.

All pxd fiction / art is encouraged. Don't be afraid to add yours to the collection.

Any further questions will be happily answered by our mods.

Have fun, and spread the slash love!

Layout CSS by visualwit. Editing & profile by chispas.
Images used © to their respective owners, all found on SimplePlan.CZ, textures used found on DeviantArt.

Failure to comply to these rules will result in one warning. If you still fail to abide by these simple rules, we will not hesitate to ban you from the community.
Nobody wants that to happen; they aren't difficult rules to follow.

•   This is a community for Pierre/David slash. Side pairings are permitted, but P/D must be the main focus.
•   All fiction and images must be posted behind an LJ cut.
•   No drama. Personal issues with other users will not be argued within this community.
•   Off-topic posts will not be permitted.
•   Getting to know each other is encouraged. However, introductions must be posted in the monthly introduction post.
•   Links to previous parts to chaptered fiction must be included in the entry.
•   Reviewing is strongly encouraged. Comment what you read. It only takes a few seconds, and it'll make the writer's day.
•   Plagiarism will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

•   Story must be posted under an LJ cut, with all previous chapters linked.

•   Please mark your post as members only.

•   Betas are strongly encouraged. Find a list of willing and capable betas here.

•   Please use this format (copy and paste) when posting fiction (delete what's in the brackets and replace with your own details):

you may omit any unnecessary details, however fields marked with an asterix (*) are always required

Anyone interested in affiliating just drop a line to the mods and we'll gladly affiliate with you. Relevant communities only, please.

slash_theplan ~ for general Simple Plan slash.

genficfinder ~ looking for a specific fic? This place is for you.

'cause it's so damn obvious 'cause it's so damn obvious
'cause it's so damn obvious 'cause it's so damn obvious
'cause it's so damn obvious 'cause it's so damn obvious
'cause it's so damn obvious 'cause it's so damn obvious

More promotional graphics can be found in this post. (Scroll down!)

Please upload to your own server / image host :)

Confused as to how to do something? Let us help.
Username Tags
To create a username tag [a suitable link to a users journal] please use the following coding:

Linking to Previous Chapters
To provide links to previous chapters of your story, use this code. Must be above the cut.

LiveJournal Cuts
To create an LJ cut for your story [not the information above] use this code in the HTML option.

Please ensure that when posting a chaptered fic or a standalone you provide the number of the chapter in the subject heading along with the title. If it is a standalone, please label it [1/1]. Posts not including this will not be rejected, but you will be asked to fix it as soon as the post goes through. Save us all the trouble and include it the first time.

There is a tagging and rating guide in this post for anybody who is unsure :)

Any further questions or issues can be taken up with the moderators, Sarri (dierre101) and/or Halo (chispas), or at any time at the community's email: pxdaddicted@gmail.com.